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Program Philosophy

Mar 3, 2020 1:56 PM


Program Philosophy: The purpose of this philosophy is to inform the student athlete and their parents of the goals and direction of our track and field program.

The Enumclaw Track and Field program is to help student athletes develop their physical and mental abilities and to be successful in various track and field events. Specific instruction in goal setting, teamwork, training methods and nutrition will all be useful in creating a well-rounded athlete. Track and field is an individual and team sport combined. We as a team rely on individual performances along with relay events to accumulate our team standing. The overall concept is for our athletes to utilize our program to improve speed, endurance, power, and proper body mechanics which can be applied in other sports as well.

Personal Improvement is critical to the success of our track program. Athletes of all ages and abilities turn out for track. Once the athlete finds their interest they will begin to gain knowledge of specific training methods; feel part of the team and begin to see how, with hard work they can improve. As confidence grows, so will the leadership opportunities. And we encourage athletes to take advantage of these important times.

Our goal is for every athlete to participate while making his or her experience fun and rewarding during our season. Our athletes are always considered students first and athletes second, so it is our goal of the student athlete and with the help of the coaching staff to encourage our students to manage their time appropriately to balance this relationship.

On behalf of the entire coaching staff we welcome you to our Enumclaw High School Track and Field Program. We hope your participation during this season brings enjoyment, stronger understanding of competition, the importance of understanding the responsibility of setting goals, achieving high marks and benefiting from all of the positive experiences that comes from being a high school athlete.

Coaching Staff

Jenelle Murrell

Gunner Argo

Jeff Jacobson

Tod Witzel

Katrice Pond

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