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   Conf.  Overall
Graham Kapowsin71112
Rogers (Puy)5355
Emerald Ridge1737
South Kitsap08010

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(Including JV & C Teams)
Spartan Pride - Valley Pride
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2018-19 Varsity Football Schedule

Regular Season

  Date Sumner Opponent  
* Fri, Aug 31 Sumner 49 South Kitsap 0
* Fri, Sep 7 Sumner 45 Olympia 0
* Fri, Sep 14 Sumner 7 Puyallup 37
* Fri, Sep 21 Sumner 28 Curtis 26
* Fri, Sep 28 Sumner 10 Rogers (Puyallup) 14
Thu, Oct 4 Sumner 14 Camas 7
* Fri, Oct 12 Sumner 65 Emerald Ridge 0
* Fri, Oct 19 Sumner 37 Bellarmine 10
* Fri, Oct 26 Sumner 6 Graham Kapowsin 35
Fri, Nov 2 Sumner 44 Auburn Riverside 0

Post Season (If Qualified)

  Date/Time Opponent Place / Result  
Nov 2 - Nov 34A Week 10 at Dist.Appr.Sites
Nov 9 - Dec 14A State at Tacoma Dome

Ticket Sales for Home Football Games

Jul 19, 2018 7:28 AM

Sumner School District

2018 Home High School Football

Ticket and Reserved Seat Procedures

  1. You must purchase a ticket, or show your appropriate pass at the ticket booth prior to reserving a seat for home High School Football games in the Sumner SD.
  2. Maximum number of seats any individual is allowed to reserve is four (4). A ticket or pass must be purchased for each seat reserved.
  3. Ticket booth and pass gates will open at 5:30 PM on the day of home High School Football games.
  4. You may not wait in line on campus for the ticket booth/pass gate to open until after 2:45 PM (school is out at 2:20 PM, and it takes a while for students to clear out)
  5. Attempts to reserve seats prior to the times and conditions outlined above will result in the removal of the reserved seat
  6. Stadium Management maintains the ability to reserve seats prior to the ticket booth opening, as needed (fund raising, game operations, recognition, etc.)

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