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Coaching Staff
Varsity Coach: Markelle Gallagher
Workouts 4/13-4/19
Apr 13, 2020 3:26 PM

Hello Braves! The most recent news that ended our 2020 competitive season was heart breaking, to say the least. We as a coaching staff miss each and every one of you, and wish we were out enjoying all of this beautiful weather with you. While our season may not be what we had hoped for, we are still here for you! We will continue to post workouts so you can stay in shape and not let these uncertain times take away your athletecism, or your future in track or any other sport! As always, please reach out to Coach Sanders ( or Coach Gallagher ( for assistance, guidance, or support. We are proud to coach such incredible young athletes, and look forward to the day that we can be back on the track with you all!


Full warmup (to be done before EVERY workout) and A/B Day Core (to be done after EVERY workout) are found at the very bottom of this post.

Distance from Coach McCann

Monday April 13th: ENJOY the weather this week!!!!!! Drink water ☺

800- 200m-400m-600m-400m-200m @ current 800 pace (hopefully you have a time trial time to use)

1600/3200: 600m-800m-1k-800m-600m. @ current mile pace (hopefully you have a time trial time to use)

ALL: With a 1:1 rest; And then at the end run an all out 200m (no watch, just run!)

***Use your spikes for all/part of the ladder, but warm up and cool down in your trainers

**If you have access to a track – great; if you do not, run on a safe side walk or at a park. If you cannot measure distance where you are running, figure out ahead of time what your times are supposed to be for each step of the ladder and then run in a safe place for that period of time. DO NOT run this work out on streets with no side walk or where you have to stop for crossing intersections. BE SMART

Tuesday April 14th:

800: 6 laps of Flying 40s

1600: 8 laps of flying 40s

3200: 10 laps of flying 40s

“Strength Day” workout post run

**If you have access to a track – GREAT, you can use the markings on the football field to measure the 40 yards on the back stretch of the track. If you don’t, find a safe place to run fast on Ievel ground- And if you are on the track, you will build up to close to a sprint and sustain it for 40 yards and then slowly bring it down to a recovery jog. Jog for the remainder of the track lap until it is time to build back up to “fly” down the back stretch of the track. If you don’t have a track, jog for 2 minutes and then build up and “fly” for 40 yards.

Wednesday April 15th: Today should be a league meet, so warm up, run strides and simulate a race or 2 today. I would run different events today and Saturday. So if you would have raced the 800 in the South Sound Invite, maybe today you get a 400m or a 1600 time trial in and a leg of the 4x4 or even an open 200 m. If you would have raced the 1600 in an invite, race the 800 or the 3200 and a leg of the 4x4. After league meets, remember I want you getting in a long cool down and adding some gently mileage to your week. STRETCH and consume a muscle milk to help recovery for this Saturday. Critique your race today and think about what you would like to do different for Saturday. Write some goals- other than simply overall time.

What feedback would Coach McCann give after this simulated race?

Thursday April 16th: Partner 200s- except with social distancing you should be partner-less. So pretty much 200 repeats day.

10-12 x 200s at race pace w/ 30-60 seconds rest in between each 200. If you want to jog an easy 200 and then go into the 200, you can do that- or static rest is fine too- the idea is that you recover in between each 200.

Friday April 17th: Threshold run for time 35-50 minutes; today should feel good and you should feel like you could keep going when you done. Remember, you want to be fresh for Saturday’s time trial. Eat a good dinner, get extra sleep and drink fluids today in preparation for the mock Invitational.

Saturday April 18th: This day would be used to simulate an invitational – as it was on our schedule for the South Sound Invitational; Star your day with your race day breakfast routine.

800: simulate an 800 race and give yourself a bit of a break and then simulate a leg of the 4x400 race; since you are setting yourself us- feel free to give yourself a 1600 time trial as well- or if you have a time for you 800 mark, run the 1600 and get a fresh time for that.

1600: Simulate a 1600 race and give yourself full recovery and then simulate a leg of the 4x4. Or if you have a recent time trial for the 1600, runt he 800 or the 2 mile for a time trial.

3200: Simulate a 2mile race, give yourself full recovery and simulate a leg of the 4x4 relay.

Sprinters/Jumpers from Coach Gallagher, Coach Roberts, and Coach Olsen


In spikes- Daredevils (race pace 400m, 20sec rest, all out 200m) x3 with full (5 min) rest. Target times: Boys- 54sec, Girls- 57sec. Cooldown and core.


In spikes- 200s x4 @ 80%, 3min rest. Target times: Boys- 27sec, Girls- 31sec. Cooldown and core.


“Meet Day”

In spikes & all out, record your times to see how you progress through the end of May.

100m with 10 min rest, 200m with 10 min rest, 400m. 15 min cooldown.


In flats- 150 buildups x6 @ 60%, 2 min rest. 15 min cooldown jog and core.



Single leg squats x5 each leg, reverse lunges x5 each leg, single leg heel raise x5 each leg, single leg bridge x5 each leg, 1min plank, 2 min rest. Repeat the circuit for 3 total sets. Cooldown and core.


25 min jog, long stretch. Core.



Warm ups

2 laps around the track- distance kids need 3-4

Walking drills:

Walking High Knees down

Walking butt kickers back

Walking knees pulls down

Dorkums back

Side lunges down and back


High knees down

Butt kickers back

C skip down and back

High knee Karaoke down and back

High skips/marios down

Back pedal back

Strides: (100m)

Side to side on football field

60% down and back

70% down and back

80% down and back

A Day

Windshield wipers

Flutter kick 30 seconds

Scissors 30 seconds

Hold (6-12 inches) 30 seconds

Limb extensions~opposite arm/opposite leg

Limb extension abductions

Extended leg bicycles

Traffic cones




B Day

8 Count body builders



Single leg bridges

Donkey kicks

Fire hydrants

Push ups

Plank extensions

Extended arm side plan

Extended leg plank (make a triangle)



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